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Geber Edge2 GS15 plus

Thermal Printer & Plotter

The GERBER EDGE is a revolutionary graphics output

device that permanently fuses high resolution images to 15" (381mm) precision punched, EDGE READY vinyls and films.


Through the use of the GERBER EDGE, OMEGA CP or
Gerber MacImprint software and an EDGE compatible plotter, multiple-color jobs, halftones, airbrush-effects, fades and intricate text become as simple as printing the complex portions and contour cutting around the outside edge.


Output that's outdoor durable and ready to apply.

Cut any shape around any printed image with a 15"
GERBER EDGE compatible plotter.

Print on a wide variety of EDGE READY Materials.

Continuous length printing and automatic paneling
of large images. GerberColor foils: more than 40 spot, 2 medal, 11
transparent and growing, plus four color process printing, to use in any combination. New ColorSet foils expand short term and interior applications. Proven in production environments, worldwide.


  • Improved print quality in the form of a greater dynamic range of colors and 300x600 dpi at approximately ½ inch per second print speed Additionally, all of the features and capabilities of the original printer are still present:

  •  thousands of colors

  •  airbrush fades

  •  halftones

  •  small text

  •  intricate graphics

  •  repeats

  •  enhanced fonts Because a job can incorporate characters, shapes, scanned images, and clip art, the EDGE 2 opens up a wide array of possibilities for your customers and your business.


GS15 Plus

Designed to precisely register graphics up to 50 yards


Feature KMS – Knife Mode Switching™ technology, for optimal cutting. GS plotters are simple to learn and operate, and define the term “unattended-operation”. Includes accessory kit, knife tool holder and blade, pen, and material roll holder.


  • Carbide blades for crisp, sharp cuts

  • Accepts any standard Gerber materials in 15”

  • Draws, cuts and pounces up to 12.75”

  • GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE system Panel feature, can cut in strips up to 96’ long

  • Adjustable tool force for uniform cutting with the turn of a dial

  • Stepper motor drive for consistent performance and easy maintenance

  • On-board 4K buffer in addition to GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE buffers

  • Quick installation

  • Simple to use keypad requires minimum training

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