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BCS 1000M Business Card Cutter

Yup! This exists and there's one at the Shop! 

The BCS 1000M business card cutter makes it easy to produce business cards whenever you need them. It is a manual machine with self sharpening blades to always guarantee a clean precise cut. The BCS 1000M Business Card Slitter works by cutting a letter size (8 1/2" x 11") sheet into two strips and then those two strips into 10 business cards.


The BCS 1000M takes cards in a 10 up format, the 10 up business card format means that there are 10 business cards laid out on the paper. Most design software has this layout as a template but if it doesn't the 10 up business card layout is easy to set up and the BCS 1000M comes with a template instructing how to easily set up your business cards.


The BCS 1000M Business Card Cutter is perfect for any small office or home, its trays fold in and make it convenient for storage. If your looking for a easy, reliable and inexpensive way to always have business cards on hand the BCS 1000M is perfect.


  • Produces 60 plus cards in 60 seconds

  • Cuts business card stock easily

  • Lightweight and economical

  • Safe and easy to use

  • No Power required

  • Applications: Business Cards, Badge Cards, Product Cards, Photo Cards, Teaching Cards, Labels, and Much More.

Download Template
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