Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000

 Sublimation Printer 

with bypass tray

Sublimation is a chemical process where a solid turns into a gas without going through a liquid stage. Also known as dye sublimation printing, it is a popular method for transferring images onto suitable materials. Sublimation printing does not involve the liquid step but under heat and pressure ink goes right from solid to gas and moves permanently on to fabric or treated products.


This printing method is best used on products such as polyester apparel in white or light colors or hard surfaces with a poly-coating, such as coasters, mugs, mouse pads and more. 


SG1000 Specifications:

  • Maximum Media Size: 11˝ x 17˝; Up to 13˝ x 19˝ with Optional Bypass Tray

  • Resolutions and Full-Page Print Speeds:

    • High Speed (600x600 dpi) - 15 seconds

    • High Quality (600x600 dpi) - 29 seconds

    • Advanced Photo (1200x600 dpi) - 48 seconds

    • Ultra Fine Photo (4800x1200 dpi ) - 6 minutes 40 seconds

  • Ultra Fine Photo Mode: This new print mode allows the  SG1000 to print at a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. High-resolution images will appear sharper and with more clarity on your substrates.

  • Extreme Versatility: Thanks to the extreme versatility of Sawgrass's sublimation printing technology, SubliJet-UHD can decorate a wide variety of polymer-coated hard substrates, including metal, ceramic, glass, FRP plastic, poly-performance fabrics, hardboard and more. SubliJet-UHD is also compatible with 100% white polyester fabric.

  • Vibrant Colors: Extremely vibrant colors and stunning resolution at levels that other digital processes simply cannot match. It's the top choice for professional photographers and digital images who demand precision and fine detail in every image.

  • Superior Durability: Sublimated images created with SubliJet-UHD are permanent! Hard substrate surfaces won't crack, peel or scratch. Apparel won't fade - ever - no matter how many times it is washed.

  • Infused Image: Unlike screen printing, print-cut vinyl and direct-to-substrate printing, which are sitting on the surface of the product, sublimation ink is actually infused into surface itself, and will not crack, peel or wash away.