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PSI Launches Referral Directory Online

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Print Shop Inc. (PSI) is excited to launch an online referral directory that will help Print Shop more efficiently connect inquires for service it does not provide to the talent that they seek.

This long talked about idea has been made possible thanks to recent funding from MassDevelopment and the Barr Foundation's TDI Creative Catalyst grant. PSI Board Members Jeff Bianchine and Jona Ruiz researched and identified an affordable and expandable directory platform that would work well for our community of makers, artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, cultural orgs and local development programs. The directory was beta-tested over the fall and winter of 2021 with 25 helpful guinea pigs who tested profile set-up from the user's end. The directory went live in March 2022 when it was rebranded, and embedded in the Print Shop's website.

You can view, search and add your profile to the directory here:

If you think you belong in the directory, please add your profile. (it only takes 2 mins!) And please share this resource with anyone who may also benefit from being found. Thank you.

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