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Student Designer Program Continues

For a second year Print Shop Inc. (PSI) has received a grant from the Holyoke Local Cultural Council to run a student-focused program called “Holyoke Student Designers” (HSD). This apprentice program provides innovative educational and workforce development opportunities for Holyoke youth ages 16-22, and started late in 2020 with 3 designers still in the program. Students are provided with a one year membership to PSI and a $125 materials budget to complete projects which they can also use to enroll in classes.

As part of the program, students work on self-driven projects with the support of PSI staff. Projects might include creating graphics or signage to enhance an area in the community, producing t-shirts to promote a student organization, or other projects. Students may participate individually or as part of a group. Check-ins between students and staff will occur regularly.

HSD introduces students to potential creative career paths in design, technology, and digital arts. Over the course of the program, youth learn skills that can be applied to future employment. Working with Holyoke Public Schools and local private schools, we seek to identify students interested in these creative career areas. The program is designed to encourage autonomy as well as creative and critical thinking. Completed projects enhance a student’s portfolio. Students also learn about career paths and develop transferable skills that can be applied in future employment. In addition to supplies and materials, PSI staff help connect students with relevant individuals, businesses, and community organizations.

This year PSI plans to accept as many as 5 students on a rolling deadline. Students will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. We are searching for self-directed, self-motivated, and creative students to join HSD. We are interested in working with students who could benefit from being given a new format for self-expression. Students must be Holyoke residents between the ages of 16-22 and should have an understanding of basic computer skills (sending emails, moving files, using a mouse, etc.).

Early application is encouraged. APPLY HERE

About Print Shop Inc.

Print Shop Inc. is a member-based maker space that provides access to shared space, tools, computers, design software, and printers. Our mission is to assist Holyoke’s economic revitalization with art and design. This includes providing space, tools, and training for the community to create cost-effective signage, products, and high-impact marketing. PSI also assists neighborhood partners in producing cultural events and serves as an access point for regional visitors.

PSI serves as a hub/access point to Holyoke’s art scene that is diverse and inclusive and fosters a sense of belonging and social equity. This involves creating a welcoming cross-cultural vibe in the shop, where individuals and organizations forge relationships and partnerships.

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