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Entrée intelligente des artistes


The entrance to the shop at 62 Main Street received a state-of-the-art upgrade recently, more specifically the locks are now smarter. Thanks to generous donations at the end of 2021, the Print Shop has installed digital locks with keypads & biometric sensors at the shop's front door and upstairs on the studio door. The locks are part of an overall plan to upgrade the building's security this year. No longer having to wait to be let in by staff, Maker Members can now use their fingerprint or a Person Identification Number (PIN) to enter the shop with ease. Partner members and their clients can now use the organization's PIN or a key-fob to gain access to the shop. Shop administrators can keep tabs on who is coming and going. And soon thanks to this system, all members will be able to access the Copy Shop portion (front section) of the Print shop on a walk-in basis again! (Members will still have to schedule the Design lounge and Lab section of the Print Shop since Vocational classes are scheduled in there during the day). If you have not been in to scan your thumb and/or set up you PIN, schedule time to come into the shop. It's quick and painless.

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