HP LaserJet m252dw

 Ghost Printer  

Deliver color designs on dark substrates! Print almost any product with full-color photo quality. No more cutting or weeding ever again!


The HP + Ghost White Toner printing solution uses white toner to create a high opacity white layer of “background” under the color design when it is transferred to the substrate. This preserves the power of the color in the original design. 

You can print brilliant and sharp white designs on colored, black and even transparent paper. You can print over white layers with color which gives your designs an even more unique look. You can transfer white toner to other materials such as glass, wood and ceramics, just to mention a few. Or print on fabrics and create unique high-quality shirts and other garments.

Through the combination of a premium quality HP wireless color printer matched with white toner cartridges from Germany’s Ghost GmbH, the power of the premium CMYW printers is now  available!

How white toner works

Watch the video!